Chair: Safir Adeni
Business Acceleration & Executive Leadership Workshops

December 18-19, 2013 | HICC, Hyderabad

This Executive Leadership Workshop program for growing businesses has been designed for seasoned entrepreneurs operating start-ups for more than 5 years or senior executives with at least fifteen years of management / entrepreneurial experience, who are in positions of decision-making and strategic responsibility. At, or close to, the top of their organisations, the likely job titles will be: Founder, CEO, CFO, COO, CIO, President, MD, Vice-President, Regional Director, Country Manager or General Manager.

The Workshops typically comprise of lecture, case studies, delegate 'Live Cases' and Group consultation as well as interactions with actual practitioners / successful entrepreneurs / venture capitalists / our firm's.

Customer Leadership

December 18, 2013 - 2:00 PM to 5:30 PM

Workshop Lead & Faculty

Santanu Paul, CEO and MD, TalentSprint

A Workshop for Business Leaders pursuing Growth!

As business leaders, a huge part of our success lies in our ability to positively influence others and win their trust. Every waking moment,we continually attempt to persuade customers (and even investors, employees and market observers) that it is safe for them to believe in our firm's vision, claims, and products, and ask them to repose their full faith in us. However, are such influencing and trust-winning skills innate, and therefore encoded in the DNA of only a lucky few? Or can they be taught and learned in a scientific, step-by-step manner?

This workshop will go to the heart of these questions and demonstrate that there is now an emerging science to winning trust and maximizing our positive influence on buyers. Based on a cult classic by Maister, Green and Halford and also path-breaking research by Cialdini, this workshop will take participants through an intense session of experiential learning that will expose them to frameworks of thought, action, and behavior that trigger consistently positive responses from customers and other stakeholders. In the process, participants will learn effective methods of how to systematically win the trust the of their customers, and positively influence prospects to enter into long-term, buying relationships.

Key topics include:

Based on Robert Cialdini's HBR article / book on Influencing: The Psychology of Persuasion, this session explores scientifically validated principles of influencing customer and market psychology to create favorable buying behaviors leading to overall long-term growth
Adapted from the influential cult classic The Trusted Advisor by Maister, Galford and Green, this session explores a systematic and analytic approach to predictably winning the trust of customers and stakeholders which in turn leads to proftable, long-term growth.

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