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Sudesh Menon

Sudesh Menon has led both start ups and large multinationals in India and globally. An experienced and distinguished professional with International experience, Sudesh is widely credited with pioneering the concept of sustainable community water systems in India.

He returned to India in 2006, on an invitation from Dr. Anji Reddy- founder chairman of Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories as the CEO of WaterHealth India to pioneer the unique business model of providing access to safe water in rural India. Working with the government and various policy makers, the concept was immensely successful and adopted widely across businesses, government and the model was recognized globally.

Sudesh co-founded Waterlife which has grown rapidly and occupies a unique and leadership position in the Water Space.

Before coming back to India, Sudesh was SEA regional head for General Electric based in Kuala Lumpur.

Sudesh is a B.Tech from IIT, Kharagpur and holds a degree in Management.

Waterlife is a company that employs a unique and creative combination of breakthrough technology and innovative business models to deliver highly affordable clean water to even the most remote, low income, rural communities, with a long term sustainable model. Waterlife has a team that has vast experience as pioneers in the field of establishing and successfully running community water systems in a sustainable manner. Waterlife presently operates more than 3000 water systems in 12 states and provides access to safe water to about 15 million people. Waterlife is a market leader in providing sustainable drinking water solutions to the under-served areas in rural villages and urban slums. Waterlife is also a major player in the field of Sanitation, by deploying Bio-Digester technology developed by DRDO. This technology is very cost-efficient, eco-friendly, and suitable for deployment in remote rural areas as well as urban slums.

Waterlife has won national and global recognition for the seminal work it has done in providing sustainable water solutions to rural India. Waterlife was a winner of the G20 award in Los cabos, Mexico for inclusive business innovation.

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