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R. Siva Kumar

Worked with Kashinath & Co. for 8 years as Technical Manager of the group.

CO - Founded the ZETATEK Group in 1990 together with WIFE Mrs. Rama Devi.

Has been trained in several technologies while working as technical & Business development with different companies around the worldin Germany , Switzerland ,Finland , London , France , USA , Norway ,Swedan in the field of Environmental & Climatic testing , Vibration Shock & Bump testing , Motion Simulators , hardware in the loop Simulators , Earthquake Simulators , infrared , Visual and Laser simulators , Target & Dynamics simulators etc. HAS been associated with the business development & Training of Doctors in Medical Lasers and its applications in Opthalmology & General Surgery and Emergency Airway Management of Patients.

Has been associated in Indigeneous development of critical systems for Aerospace for which technology is denied to India to make INDIA Self-relient like the following.

High Power Amplifier for Vibration systems upto 300 KVA 10 tons & 16 Tons watercooled Vibration Systems Only company to design and develop the High accuracy Motion Simulators. ESS and full range of Climatic Chambers with high Power Refrigeration Systems and Vacuum systems Production testing & Calibration of Gyros , Accelerometers and IMU & INS Systems.

Has been involved in Design , Development , Manufacturing and Project Management of The biggest Centrifuge of India The Biggest Earthquake 6 DOF simulator in India.

Has been providing Technical support and has been a supplier of critical systems & Subsystems to Most of the DEFENCE Aerospace Labs in India including DRDO & ISRO & Nuclear Facilities.

On The Board of Directors and Also an investor in some High technology companies in Europe Like.

  • ACUTRONIC LTD in Switzerland
  • Acuitas GmbH Switzerland
  • Sensonor AG in Norway

Have been associated with several companies in Europe and USA for their Business development in India.

  • Acutronic AG USA & Switzerland
  • ACUITAS AG Switzerland
  • IAI Israel
  • CI Systems Israel
  • TIRA GMBH Germany
  • SENSONOR Norway
  • Colibrys Switzerland
  • Sagem France

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