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Dr. Madhukar Gangadi

Dr. Madhukar Gangadi, Founder, Chief Executive Officer, MedPlus Pharmacy. Dr. Madhukar Gangadi, a medical doctor by training and an entrepreneur by nature, Dr. Gangadi is responsible for the overall direction of MedPlus and its strategic relationships with key partners, suppliers and customers. A serial entrepreneur, Dr. Gangadi's previous ventures involved launching and growing successful IT outsourcing organizations. Dr. Gangadi is a seasoned executive who has taken a "hands on" approach to leading his companies and has been involved in nearly all aspects of the business, including sales, marketing, fundraising, and recruiting. Dr. Gangadi has an MBBS from Kurnool Medical College and a MBA from the Wharton School of Business. As both a medical doctor and successful entrepreneur, Dr. Gangadi brings experience and knowledge of the healthcare business to MedPlus.

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